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Create multiple cropped 2D viewports on a presentation sheet at the same time / Stop the switch to presentation sheet when creating viewports.


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Hello, I can't find any informations on that but it would be a huge time saving for my projects.

I'm having a lot of 2D drawings like interior elevation, drawn with line, not 3D. Usually I make a rectangle, select it and go to "create viewport" and "use the square as the crop" to put my drawings on a presentation sheet. Then the presentation sheet appear and I go back to my layers, select an other rectangle and do this manipulation again and again. Isn't it a way to just select all my rectangles and create all those cropped viewport at the same time? Or at least a way to make vectorworks stop switching to presentation sheet when you "create viewport".

I've seen "create multiple viewport" is for 3D objects and vectorworks create automatic views based on the model.

Thank you in advance 🙂

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